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Some of you have expressed an interest in having your email addresses and/or Instant Messaging IDs or personal web pages published online so other residents in the community can contact you.  You may also include names of clubs or organizations which you belong to.  If you want to be added to this list, please  Email   with your information.

You are cautioned to observe all caveats concerning safe email and online communications including: don't download or open unknown or unexpected attachments (even if the email appears to be from someone you know), use good up-to-date anti-virus software to scan all files and/or attachments, and never release your private or confidential information to anyone on an unsecured connection and/or if you're not 100% sure of their identity.


Robert Des Camps 
Kevin and Julie McDormand
Seth & Nancy Gordon
Joan McSherry

personal web page
Judy Groth
Peter and Yvonne Pav
Richard "Dick" Hamel
Bob and Clara Hicks

personal web page 
Jim Stepanek 

personal web page  
Jamie and Charles Jonaitis

personal web page 
Marcia Stepanek 

personal web page 
Benedict Kiaunis
Charles R. Tepe

personal web page


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