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  • Citrus Springs Civic Association -
    Meets the 3rd Thursday of the month, 7:00 pm
    Meetings are at the Citrus Springs Community Center
     (1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd. )


    Next Meeting JULY 21st - 7:00pm

    Guest speaker will be Mike Prendergast, Candidate for the position of the Citrus County Sheriff.
    Agenda: Destroyed road? Car damaged? Slow actions from the County? No end in sight? We hear you loud and clear. The evenings agenda will include the latest information on road work being done (and not done). Hear the latest information on plans to fund road resurfacing by the Board of County Commissioners. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend this important meeting. We will do our best to clarify current and future road resurfacing plans.

    Please tell your friends and neighbors to stop by and join together to help make Citrus Springs the best community in Citrus County.Find out all the latest information concerning Citrus Springs.New ideas and volunteers are appreciated and always needed.Please bring some canned goods to help supply our local food banks.

    June 14, 2016 PRESS RELEASE From Roy Goyette, Director of Communications, Citrus Springs Civic Association

    MEET THE CANDIDATES (view/download Flyer)

    August Meeting AUGUST 18th - 7:00pm.(doors open at 6:30pm, forum starts promptly at 7:00pm*) 
    Public Forum featuring candidates for Citrus County Board of Commissioners.

    Come one, come all and enjoy a friendly meeting with your neighbors and meet the Candidates up close and in person. Become an informed voter for the up and coming election.

    The Candidates will be each given a maximum of five minutes to speak. No questions or rebuttals will be allowed. The Candidates will speak in the order based upon the district number they are running for.

    After all Candidates have spoken we will move them to their own personal table in the room at which time you will be able to ask questions and pick up campaign literature. This forum format was chosen specifically to provide a friendlier atmosphere and to allow attendees to ask the specific questions that concern them.

    *Normal Association Business will be suspended for this meeting.  

    June 30, 2016 PRESS RELEASE From Roy Goyette, Director of Communications, Citrus Springs Civic Association

    PRESS RELEASE - June 16th Meeting

    The Monthly meeting of the Citrus Springs Civic Association and Ice Cream Social was held with guest speaker Timothy Langer, candidate for a seat on the Citrus County Commission (pictured above).

    Mr. Langer related his many travels and job experiences including a multiyear position with the Citrus County Sheriffs Office as a Student Resource Officer. He continued on with what he felt were the major shortcomings of all past Boards of Commissioners. The main idea being that they were all very anti growth and failed the public by being shortsighted and not completely understanding and resolving the problem areas in the county.

    He recognized that Citrus County has one of the finest school systems in the state but that it was an ongoing tragedy because the graduating students had virtually no really good paying job opportunities in the county and therefore were leaving to find work elsewhere.

    He stated that if elected as a Commissioner he would do everything he could to work with the Economic Development Council and the Tourist Development Council to attract more visitors. He would work to bring in some national chain hotels to be able to handle the tourists needs. He also wants to bring in light non-polluting industry and especially medical facilities such as a University of Florida Health Shands Hospital.

    The meeting continued with normal Association business including a lively discussion of the road repair situation in Citrus Springs. A straw poll was taken to gauge interest in increasing the sales tax by cent providing that ironclad guarantees were in place and that it would sunset after a specific period of time. The poll was nearly 100% unanimous in favor of the idea. The Civic Association will continue working on a plan to present to the B.O.C.C. at a later date.

    The July 21st meeting will feature Guest speaker Mike Prendergast, Candidate for Citrus County Sheriff.


    June 20, 2016 PRESS RELEASE From Roy Goyette, Director of Communications, Citrus Springs Civic Association


  • The Future of Citrus Springs subcommittee - Any interested citizens are also very welcome and encouraged to attend The Future of Citrus Springs subcommittee workshops and meetings, which meet at the Community Center. 
    Extensive Report from the Future of Citrus Springs Committee and subcommittees to the Citrus Springs Civic Association, dated December 15, 2015 (view and/or download 68.6 MB file in PDF format)

  • Citrus Springs Civic Association Board of Directors Public Service Notice

    Citrus Springs is a Deed Restricted Community. Exactly what does that mean and what can you do to help maintain and improve the overall quality of life and property values in our community? Please read this important Public Service Notice from the Citrus Springs Board of Directors.

    Submitted July 5, 2016 Citrus Springs Civic Association

  • Citrus Springs Civic Association Board of Directors Press Release


    To all residents of Citrus Springs and beyond. There has been sighted a strange vehicle roaming our streets stopping at homes wanting to sell fish, meat or using some other reason for their visit.

    Description: Small all white van or small pickup with solid topper. No signs or markings, two doors, no other windows. Unknown tag. One male, one female, both White, 20-30 years old, both nicely dressed. Male has dark hair, clean shaven. Female appeared to be doped up.

    Please be careful. This may be people checking out the security of your home and to see if anyone is home. This activity appears to be a scam. Please keep your doors locked, your garage door down and use your alarm system if you have one. Please be very cautious as to whom you open the door. If such an event occurs please call the Sheriff as soon as possible. Please do not approach or try to stop these people. If possible write down a description of the person (or persons) height, skin color, hair color, facial hair, clothing type and color) and the vehicle type, color and license plate number if visible. Please DO NOT put you or your family at risk.
    The Citrus County Sheriffs Office is aware and is stepping up patrols.

    Please help us get the word out via phone calls and emails to your friends in Citrus Springs and surrounding areas.

    May 27, 2016 PRESS RELEASE From Roy Goyette, Director of Communications, Citrus Springs Civic Association

  • Breaking News on the Citrus Springs road repaving MSBU proposal!


    Please pass on the word to all non members about the role that the Citrus Springs Civic Association Board and Members played in defeating the MSBU proposal that would have been a major financial burden to Citrus Springs taxpayers, if it had passed.

    The proposal as presented would have imposed a tax of $20 per foot of road frontage on lots only in Citrus Springs and would not apply to any lots on roads which have been recently paved. So some would have their newly paved roads paid for from the County General Tax Funds which we all have paid in to, while the rest of us would pay an additional special tax of thousands of dollars over 20 years to have our roads paved. These are all County Roads and the responsibility to pave them is a County responsibility assumed and agreed to when the County accepted the roads as public ways from the developer.

    We won this battle, however the war still rages on. We must expand our reach to more residents.  Also let your non member friends and neighbors know how important it is to join the Civic Association so it can represent them before the county, promote the community, hold special events, etc.

    Attached is a
    Membership Form to join the Citrus Springs Civic Association, please provide a copy to all your non members friends and neighbors.

    May 25, 2016 Submitted by Citrus Springs Civic Association

  • Citrus Springs Civic Association Current Events Info re GUNFIRE

    The Civic Association Board has received inquiries and comments about gunfire events in our community. Attached is response from Roy Goyette, Director of Communications, Citrus Springs Civic Association Board of Directors, as well as Florida Statute gun law.

    May 06, 2016 Submitted by Roy Goyette, Director of Communications, Citrus Springs Civic Association


    Thank you to everyone that have already paid their 2016 Citrus Springs Civic Association Dues.
    If you have not already paid, please join today. By supporting the CSCA, you are showing your support of Citrus Springs.

    Membership in the Citrus Springs Civic Association Pay by Check
    Please join us and send $15.00 per household with the attached Membership Form to:

      Citrus Springs Civic Assoc.
      PO Box 1387
      Dunnellon, FL 34430

    Membership in the Citrus Springs Civic Association Pay by Credit Card or PayPal
    Send an EMail to with the following info:

    1. Names of those in your household that are 18 or over.

    2. Phone Number

    3. Local Address (include Mailing address if different)

    4. Which one of the following applies?
      a. New Member
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      c. Past Member

    Once your EMail is received, a Pay Pal invoice for $15.00 will be EMailed to you. You can then pay the Invoice with either a Credit Card or with Pay Pal.

  • Going away? If so, Citrus Springs Surveillance provides a Watch Service, follow the link below.

  • EMail List
    Citrus Springs Civic Association maintains an EMail list for sending out Citrus Springs Civic Association announcements, Citrus Springs Library announcements, and certain information regarding County, and local events & meetings . If you would like to be on this EMail List, send an EMail to and request to be added to the list.
  • The monthly MSBU Meeting will be held as follows:
    Meets the 1st Wednesday of the month, at 9:00 a.m. at the
    Citrus Springs Community Center (1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd)


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